TATIANA FERREIRA (1986, Lisbon) is a Portuguese designer currently based in Lisbon. She creates unique handcrafted objects and furniture using clay as a medium. With almost 5 years of experience in architecture and in a contemporary art museum, Tatiana felt the need to to implement the knowledge acquired in these areas into special objects developing a more intimate relationship with handcrafted work.

She established her studio in Lisbon and since then, she aimed to rediscover the craft side of design.

She has been focused primarly on one-of-a-kind objects of everyday use, mostly using clay and exploring its plasticity, limits and the interaction between object and user.

Her work stems from the idea that objects have as innate power to enhance their user`s mood trought form and function. She focuses on functional and decorative pieces, one does not overlap the other, and how she can alter these in ways that are surprising and delightful, elevating the user experience.

Every piece is Handcrafted and on an one-off basis,
therefore completly unique.