casa infante 2023 –
santo infante

In the context of the first edition of Lisbon Design Week, a showcase of artistic and collectible design, high craftsmanship, and the intersection of design with the fields of art and creativity, that took place in various Lisbon neighbourhoods, the interior design studio and store dedicated only to Portuguese brands – Santo Infante was part of this event with a house decorated 100% in Portuguese, with some inspired pieces tailored for this space, in one of the most historic neighborhoods in the city of Lisbon, Chiado.

Interior Design: Santo Infante
Location: Lisbon, Rua Garrett 36
Photography: Marta Poppe
Real State: Jll residential and Jll Team Cvilarinho

Marta Poppe Fotografia

portugal a cores 2023 – santo infante x associação portuguesa da cor

To celebrate International Color Day, March 21, the Associação Portuguesa da Color (APCor), in partnership with Santo Infante, inaugurated an exhibition “Portugal a Cores” with the aim of exploring color and the various handcraft techniques.
The exhibition took place at Fábrica Features, Benetton store, in Chiado, was divided into five colors, each space having been worked on by different artists and brands, creating unique environments.

Interior Design: Santo Infante
Curatorship and event organization: Associação Portuguesa da Cor, Santo Infante
Location: Lisbon, Rua Garrett 83
Photography: Marta Poppe
Partnership: Fábrica Features Lisboa, Magja Collda

Entretantos Magazine

ENTRETANTOS arises from the desire to promote and highlight contemporary Portuguese culture in the context of fashion and design. Valuing sustainability, innovation and cultural diversity.
Pareidólia was invited to participate in this second edition – Interconexões.

Creative director: Gabriel Gama

Executive producer: Victor Hugo Mello
Location: Lisbon, The Studio base
Photography: Enzo Sinai, Catarina Macedo Ferreira

Enzo Sinai


LISBON by DESIGN is an annual intimate fair highlighting a curated array of high-end contemporary collectible craft and design crafted in Portugal.

The primary aim is to present exceptional pieces, many of which are specially commissioned for the fair or making their debut appearance, captivating and inspiring collectors, art consultants, interior designers, real estate developers, and a broader audience of aficionados of beautiful objects and design

Founder: Julie de Halleux

Location: Palacete Gomes Freire

Photography & video: Pedro Gomes Almeida, Cláudia Rocha